@Engine-red’s/ vanvanred Bolt-On being horribly horribly flattered by Clich presumably oh god what a cute baby save me~ 


Oh my god what a wonderful thing to wake up to! You drew him so cute!! ;u; YES this is spot-on, my baby would feel so flattered if Clich ever spoke to him and said nice things (mainly about his work), I just love how he has a hand on his face and the other up like “oh Primus noooo~!” plus his horns and his puppy eyes AAAAH HOW ADORABLE <3 


Reblogging it on my art blog because it’s so cute and gosh, I love it! <3

Detail shots of this fanart. Thought it’d be interesting to post them here. :)

So I thought these deserved their own post.

I am just so proud of the way autoassembly used fan artists’ illustrations.

I was really happy when I got a Birthday card with my drawing on it, but I confess I was very surprised to see it on the cupcakes too, it was such an adorable touch and I’m all for adorable things. <3

It’s small things like these that make amazing events memorable.

Thank you all!

To everyone who went to AA and purchased one of my prints: THANK YOU! I’m just so grateful for your support. My sales did so incredibly well and all of my Shockwave prints sold out (they were quite a lot!). I honestly wasn’t expecting that at all…! I just feel so humbled that you took your time to support me and that you deemed my artwork reasonable enough to purchase. Thank you!

I am back from the convention with the biggest grin on my face, it’s unbelievable. <3 I might do a giveaway since I got a couple of left overs, let me know what you think. c:

Oh, I’ll post a few pictures later too!

Auto Assembly 2014 - Prints Available!

Hey beautiful people!

So I’ve told you I’d have some prints available at autoassembly this year. I chose a total of 5 prints to sell at the fan sales table, they are: 

  Ratchet  (available for £6 in A3 size and £3 in A4)

 Knock Out (available for £6 in A3 size and £3 in A4)

 Shockwave (available for £8 in A3 size and £4 in A4)

 Scatman Jazz (availabe for £8 in A3 size and £4 in A4)

 And of course,Auto Assembly 2014 Transformers 30th Birthday Fan Art of Cliffjumper and Jazz! (available for £8, A3 size only).

They’re very limited, so it’ll be first come, first serve (the ones seen in the picture are A4 sized and the quality of the printing is really good as well).

I’ll be at the convention from Friday to Sunday, all day, come find me and say hello! I’m very friendly. :D

See you all there! Thanks for taking the time to read this post. <3

Shockwave terrifies me, but he’s really fun to draw!

David Sobolov is going to be a guest at autoassembly this year, so I wanted to celebrate the occasion. <3 

Gonna be available as a print at the convention, you can get it in A4 or A3 sizes. c:


Now to colour this scary ass dude

Anonymous: i honestly thought your line art was digital... i'm blown away. Congrats!

Oh hey! Thank you so much. <3

I ink traditionally because I find it very therapeutic and enjoyable. c: It doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t ink digitally, I do it too, but it’s less common. 

Thanks again. <3


Took some pictures of the inking process for autoassembly's Transformers fan art, 'cos you know… these are always fun. c: You can check the finished illustration here. :D

And for the final result. C:

Hope this is acceptable! I think it’s pretty self-explanatory. I do lineart, flats, shading/brightness, effects (such as glow and textures) and background. In that respective order. :D