Now to colour this scary ass dude

Anonymous: i honestly thought your line art was digital... i'm blown away. Congrats!

Oh hey! Thank you so much. <3

I ink traditionally because I find it very therapeutic and enjoyable. c: It doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t ink digitally, I do it too, but it’s less common. 

Thanks again. <3


Took some pictures of the inking process for autoassembly's Transformers fan art, 'cos you know… these are always fun. c: You can check the finished illustration here. :D

And for the final result. C:

Hope this is acceptable! I think it’s pretty self-explanatory. I do lineart, flats, shading/brightness, effects (such as glow and textures) and background. In that respective order. :D



Still gotta finish this dork, but only after AA it seems. :c

Anonymous: Gur u keep spittin out these mad drawings! LOVE UR ART BLESS UR SOUL!!!

Hey thanks a lot! <3 There are so many more to come, hope you stick with me!


AA 30th Birthday Fan Art Gallery!

Hey everybody! Ok so, rather than me retype it, everybody should click the following link to read all about your fabulous fan art efforts!

All will be revealed soon but in the meantime, enjoy Sora’s excellent Jazz and Cliffjumper art!



I’m so excited for this! It was my pleasure entirely and I’m really, really happy I could contribute to the Convention, even if it is in a modest way such as this. :)

I had a lot of fun working on this illustration! So please give it a look and support this project in any way you can. I know there are going to be many wonderful artists participating in the project, so please if you’re going, don’t miss the Birthday party Saturday night at Swerve’s where the showcase will take place!

Thank you. <3

Coloured it! Jazz is one of my favourite Autobots ever. <3

Lines here.

illegalmonkey commissioned me to draw Jem and Optimus Prime rocking out together, as a gift for his gf emotionalhooligan

Had a lot of fun with this one and I’m very happy they liked it. <3 It was my first time colouring with a Cintiq, which btw is pretty awesome. C:


Guess what I just got in the mail!!


Aaaah! Holy crap I haven’t seen these in person but they look really good!! Thanks so much or the support!! Means a lot to me. <3 Also thanks for taking a picture as well, I was wondering what they looked like. <33