Anonymous: Can I ask you a question? It's ok if you don't reply. But do you actually picture Tailgate as female in his holoform? Nice art btw.

Sure you can!

That’s a trick question because I picture Tailgate as well… Tailgate. It’s pretty much official and actually transcribed that Cybertronians don’t perceive gender as Humans do, so it’s irrelevant if Tailgate’s male or female in human terms. 

I think of holoforms as something that instead of projecting their gender, or what society perceives as male or female, it projects their personality traits and individual characteristics. 

To me Tailgate so happens to be like stormypopsicle's design. :) It's a matter of what I think suits Tailgate. You can still draw him as someone with varied ethnic traits and genders and Tailgate will be just as cute, because that’s how YOU perceive him to be and that’s more than fine.

Bottom line is that he’s cute as fuck.

PS: I’m not really into Humanformers, though I find the concept appealing. I like them because they’re robots, but this design was just waaaaaay too attractive for me not to draw. :)

Aaaaand thanks! Nice sunglasses btw.




So I saw this Tailgate design by stormypopsicle and it was so adorable I could barely contain myself. I was only gonna sketch a couple during my free time, but I got carried away because she’s so addicting. ;n;

Kinda fanservicey, but I regret nothing lol

My friend!! Omfg!!! So beauty omg but this is actually
design!! I did a fan art too omg go show them!!!BEAUTY


ammmgggg ;wwww;

I apologise for getting the author of the design wrong, I am going to fix the links and the credits right now. <3

It’s such a sweet and adorable design, it was my pleasure! ;u;

So I saw this Tailgate design by stormypopsicle and it was so adorable I could barely contain myself. I was only gonna sketch a couple during my free time, but I got carried away because she’s so addicting. ;n;

Kinda fanservicey, but I regret nothing lol

I sort of doodled a “cover” for the fiction I’m writing involving my TF OC Bolt-On and my bro’s OC Big Rig. I love our babies so much I couldn’t resist the urge to write something, even if I’m not specially talented at it (spoilers: I suck).

It’s about their lives aboard the Lost Light and it’s a super chill and fluffy fic! You can read it here: Big Bolts by Engine-Red.

So far there’re a couple of chapters: [1], [2]But I’ll be adding more in the future because I love them. <3

Hope you like it! <3

What better way to come back from my hiatus than to post some doodles of my baby Bolt-On. 

This answer is for Jay, who was awesome enough to leave an ask for Bolt-On sometime ago. Thank you! <3 This was a lot of fun because I got to draw his ridiculously happy expressions. 

I hope my handwriting is legible ;u;


So today I got a package from Rice Lily that made me incredibly happy! I was (and am!) very excited about it because it contained AMAZING Motorcity/Titmouse merchandise!!

A year ago, me and Melly (Rice Lily) sent this package to Titmouse to show our support and appreciation for the amazing work these guys make, we filled it with fanart (from me, Hinokit and Rice Lily), candy, plushies and mainly lot’s of love.

What I didn’t know was that we would get some love back (I mean we already have amazing cartoons we don’t need anything else lol), and oh man is it amazing! Papa Chris was even nice enough to send me a framed autograph. <3

I love everything, I knew you guys were pretty cool because my partner in crime told me the amazing adventures she had while visiting the studio in San Diego, but I never expected you’d be this amazing. I am incredibly humbled that you’d even remember us after all this time.

Thank you Chris P., Mac, Ben, Dadward and everyone at Titmouse for the amazing gifts. I will cherish them forever!

Special thanks to Melly because she was awesome enough to mail everything to me, you rock girl! Words cannot describe how happy I am that you did this for me. <3333

PS: I will turn that amazing T-Shirt into a dress and frame the Motorcity poster! I also apologise that I cannot visit the studio personally, but I kinda live in Europe and it’s tricky… I wish I could though, I’d love to hand you my portfolio!! :D


Look at this fucking thug holding my Manga.

I missed you dudette, thanks for today! <3

This goes here!

I’m so in love with James Raiz’s Whirl and how he gave him such sharp features! It’s my favourite design of him. :D


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mokonahapuuuuuu: I love your store...! bless you for making it c': <3



No need to thank me! ;u;

Thank you for taking the time to check it out, it makes me really happy that people like what I have available, even if it isn’t much! I promise I’ll be drawing new things to add to the store.

Thank you so much again. <3

once I get paid, I’m going to shop!! haha <3

and please do add more characters :3 we do love our sexy doctors, but other characters would look just as appealing x3

Thank you so much for the input! If there’s any characters you’d like to see, just tell me. I don’t mind suggestions at all! :D